AMOTEK – A flexible and experienced partner to grow with


A strong presence in the African market

With more than 40 years of experience, Amotek established its brand worldwide in the Nonwoven’s field becoming a well-known partner to trust. Packaging solutions for tissue and consumer products are also part of the company’s portfolio.

Due to long-standing customers, mainly located in Europe, Africa and the Middle with new ones all around, Amotek’s business is constantly growing.

Amotek is based in the heart of the Italian Packaging Valley and since 1977 it has constantly increased the number of installations of its automatic packaging machines worldwide, reaching more than 1260 machines in use. The plant is located in the surroundings of Bologna and since January 1999, Amotek is part of the German company OPTIMA packaging group GmbH. The integration into the Optima Group allows for the combination of Italian passion and creativity for innovation together with German strategy and technical support for the entry into new markets worldwide.

Amotek has many years of experience in Africa

Amotek has been a pioneer, installing fully automatic packaging machines for Nonwoven products in Africa. Both directly and through well-known OEMs in this sector, Amotek started 15 years ago in North Africa to install its own baggers and is still a leading supplier to important customers that have been cleverly satisfied by always giving the maximum support pre, during and post sales. The development and realization of customized solutions have always been Amotek’s goal.

Amotek machines and their specific machine design are especially flexible, scalable and as said, customizable to adapt to the very different kinds of converting lines that can be found in the African market. They are meant to be of help even for the customer with less experience, who are always offered after sales service.

Amotek’s after sales service, in fact, is handled with care and professionalism by a dedicated and experienced team with the aim to support customers from the installation to the startup phase. The team can offer always a prompt support and provide skilled personnel. Amotek’s electrical and mechanical engineers involved in the installation, commissioning and – no less important – training, now have a wide experience in the African market, possibly the best in this specific sector.


Amotek PB 167 handles from the smallest diapers up to the biggest underpads and is especially designed to package large packs for everyday use. In particular, it has been perfectly tested to handle the pull up – pants products with performances up to 45 products per minute.

By its modular design, a double-exit stacker can be coupled, as well as a manual bag loading station, which can grant an easy manual control. Another relevant option suitable for the manual loading of products, only in the event of a converting line stop, is the repacking function. This module allows the use of the PB167 machine as a manual bagger using all the bags and the existing format parts to achieve a final package equal to the one automatically produced in line.

The bagger offers a quick and easy change-over and can handle different types of products in standing or laying orientation (1-2-3 rows), in single and in double layers.

Very attractive bags can be presented and executed: with or without handle, depending on each marketing request.

On demand, to reach even higher speed performances of up to 55 ppm for baby diapers, the model PB181 is highly recommended.


Always one step ahead of the market

Amotek offers a very wide range of bagging machine solutions: bagging of baby/adult diapers and under pads into polyethylene premade bags in wicket as well as kitchen and toilet rolls for low and high performance line outputs, multiples of prepacked facial tissue, interfolded towels, wet wipes as well as industrial toilet rolls.

Amotek is strongly market oriented and now it is concentrating its energy to follow the growth of the pants diapers market by developing the already existing bagging machines and integrating systems for traditional baby diaper with specific technical adaptations for baby and adult pants.

For this purpose, Amotek baggers, mainly models PB167-PB181 and R168 are designed to handle different types of products in standing or laying orientation, in single or double layers using premade bags in wicket or film on reels.

Thanks to their operation flexibility, all Amotek machines can be coupled to any production line or independently operate as single units.

Amotek baggers can be combined to be efficient integrated systems with a sturdy modular design; for example the bagger with stacker for the counting-stacking are joined together to reach higher performances of up to 55 products per minute.

Moreover, to optimize system performances, it is possible to connect a double exit stacker (IS213-IS214 models) to a second bagger for double the output or a manual bag loading station for a low count packaging machine.

Amotek is always striving to supply the best technical support to its customers, taking advantage of state-of-the-art technology. For this purpose, Amotek’s R&D department has been working on a new project and very soon it will be available to Amotek customers, an innovative technical tool that easily helps the customer to gain a virtual insight into Amotek machines.


Amotek R168 horizontal Bag Forming and Filling machine is offering a high grade of product versatility for different sectors, along with notable performances up to 50 products per minute.

The machine was designed for smaller packs for use on the go. This machine can be coupled to any production line or independently operate as single units, therefore a manual or automatic feeding can be adapted.

Among its benefits, it offers a quick and easy change-over and can also process center-folded or flat PE, PP and Biodegradable film. For the best presentation of the products at the point of sale, the bags can be provided with a carrier handle, top and bottom gusset or zipper profile with precut or euro hole. Many other very attractive bags can be executed, depending on each marketing requests.



Amotek is sensitive to eco-sustainability and focuses its actions – where possible – on finding any suitable solution to apply to its machines. For this purpose, Amotek is adopting different strategies that are leading to a reuse of material and energy.

Just to mention a few:

- Most of Amotek machines’ motions are servo-assisted to grant energy recycling during braking phases.

- The only waste produced during the packaging process is the bag cutting that is withdrawn and collected for easy recycling.

- Specific diagnosis tools to detect big air consumption changes and enable the operator to check any possible loss.

Commitment and passion are decisive for Amotek’s success

Commitment and passion are decisive factors for Amotek’s growth. As a matter of fact, walking through the assembling rooms, R&D as well as the sales department of Amotek, one can feel the passion with which the employees build and present their packaging machines. Amotek is convinced that one can achieve customer satisfaction with joy in one’s work.

If you are looking for a win-win partnership, Amotek bagging machines are the best choice to keep growing with!


AMOTEK – A flexible and experienced partner to grow with