Baby Pants: the convenience that attracts Millennials

Millennial parents simply want more for themselves and for their children above all: more information, higher quality, greater sustainability, more personalization, easier accessibility and lots of alternatives

The millennial wave of parents is unlike any previous one: they are more informed than their predecessors, they shop differently and are much more likely than the past generations to use their smartphones to research products as well as having a different set of priorities and ways of evaluating products.

The baby products e-commerce has experienced a 20% increase in 2018[1] and is forecasted to keep strong in the years to come (+21% CAGR 2018-F2022)[2].

Since young parents now have higher disposable income and busier lifestyles, they look for products able to alleviate the household chores. Convenience is then becoming their main driver for purchases: Baby Pants are perfect to save time, enjoying the benefit of wearability.

Today, Pants have become the most popular type in many regions, for example in Asia-Pacific, primarily due to three main reasons:

  • Convenience: since they are easier to put on and off compared to open diapers, they are advantageous also away from home;
  • Comfort fit: their wearability ensures the required comfort for babies, acting as much like real underwear as possible;
  • Gentleness and softness: thanks to premium materials.

Acknowledging millennial parents’ needs, GDM has developed a Baby Pants platform, covering different production capacities, designed for product quality and flexibility in terms of sizes, costs optimization and ease-of-use.

This solution enables premium materials processing, delivering the highest quality with the best comfort fit.

Moreover, it has been designed focusing on raw material control and tensioning, optimizing both production – power consumption reduced up to 30% – and product costs. In addition, GDM’s solution also reduces the product weight variation and minimizes the operator intervention during size changeover.

[1] Source: Nielson Connected Commerce report 2018

[2] Source: Businesswire2



Baby Pants: the convenience that attracts Millennials