MYPERINI, the complete range of lines for those seeking complete converting and packaging solutions

Easy to operate, efficient, flexible, with certified technology - these are the strong points of MYPERINI, the complete range of lines for those seeking complete converting and packaging solutions, from 450m/min to 800m/min

MY PERINI is a standard equipment line, with a complete configuration to operate as an intelligent, efficient solution, with short delivery time for production and installation, developed by Fabio Perini.

However, standardising does not mean loss of flexibility. Flexibility for Fabio Perini means the capacity to manage a large variety of products and formats without having to invest in a highly customised line. The customer may set up a complete range of products with high production and quality levels. For example, with any of the MYPERINI lines, the tissue paper manufacturer has the flexibility to produce products with 1, 2 or 3 plies, as well as embossed and rolled products for the retail market or for its own brand.

The absolute world leader in supplying machinery and services for converting and packaging tissue paper, excellence in quality, the cutting edge in technology and the high degree of flexibility guaranteed by the production lines developed by Fabio Perini are an effective response to the special needs of customers seeking performance in the range of 450 - 800 m/min in the segment of absorbing paper – kitchen towel, toilet paper, for industry.

The MYPERINI family consists of four machines that combine high technology standards, quality and market-certified safety: an entry level, the MYSINCRO rewinder (450 m/min speed); a medium one, the MYLINE rewinder (600 m/min); and a high production one, the MYTIME rewinder (800 m/min); and the MYPACK line, a wrapping machine with all the above options.

Since it can produce up to 450 m/min, MYSINCRO provides a well-tested superficial winding system, with two unwinders for reels with a diameter of 2500 mm, an embosser/roller able to produce rolled or decorated products (409 mm steel rolls guarantee high performance for any kind of mechanical, laser or chemical engraving), a rewinder developed using the well-known Sincro transfer system, a 4-channel log saw with Trimeasy (a mechanical system for eliminating reloading), as well as other items which contain a normal conversion line. MYSINCRO also includes important elements for flexibility and safety, like the double perforation system in the rewinder and the suction system for cleaning sharpening powder in the log saw, or centralised lubrication and automatic passage of the paper roll.

Another great sales success, the MYLINE rewinder has a new version which includes Catalyst technology: a system allowing automatic embossing change, carried out directly from the operator panel, without any mechanical intervention. This change, which normally takes two working hours, can now be carried out in a few minutes, allowing the producer to differentiate production with minimum downtime. Working at a speed of 600 m/min and with a product diameter of up to 200 mm, it also has a Sincro transfer system, characterised by versatility and efficiency.

MYTIME is a stronger rewinder, ideal for large production volumes demanding higher speed, up to 800 m/min.

MYPACK, in its turn, is a complete line of automatic packaging solutions which integrates perfectly with the others, including a wrapping machine with handle applicator and press in a single unit. It can make 200 wrappings/minute and 20 bundles/min. The line also offers important options which make it flexible, keeping the proposal compact, but with greater production, able to wrap toilet and kitchen towel paper of various formats requested by the market.


The MYPERINI line is therefore a perfect balance able to satisfy market requests for optimising operating costs and overall efficiency of the systems. This is Fabio Perini’s answer, agile for industries of this segment, able to offer solutions at a competitive price, without renouncing advanced technology, quality and safety, with the reliability and solidity already a tradition of the brand. All of this is possible thanks to different pre-configuration versions for small, medium or large productions, in order to satisfy the majority of customers’ needs.



MYPERINI, the complete range of lines for those seeking complete converting and packaging solutions