Crossroads Paper to build a new 100% recycled containerboard mill in Utah, USA

The paper company Crossroads Paper is planning to build a $320 million facility mill. The 80-acre plant is expected to be operational by early 2022 and produce 1,000 tons of paper a day. The treeless operation will depend solely on 100% recycled fiber like used cardboard boxes and residential mixed paper. The output from the plant will be used to make new boxes for manufacturers, farmers and e-commerce companies.

Crossroads also said Valmet will be the supplier of the mill's paper machine, but no specific details about the machine or scope Valmet's supply were disclosed.

Additionally, John Sasine, Crossroads CEO said the mill will help in reducing emissions and will create hundreds of new high-paying jobs, while reducing the strain on local landfills.

Unlike many traditional paper mills pulping and bleaching on-site, which can require significant chemical inputs, Crossroads Paper will dramatically reduce chemical usage and water emissions by limiting its production to recycled materials and adding on-site water treatment. The result will be a much cleaner process that will not emit unpleasant odors. Project developer Ron Sasine said the facility plans to use about 10% of the water that mills usually use to make paper. The water source will be groundwater or wells, not rivers or surface water; as well as the location will have its own water treatment site that will clean the water before and after its use.

The site of the future mill wasn't announced; the Company has identified two options in the Salt Lake Valley, and the location will be announced upon completion of land acquisition.


Crossroads Paper to build a new 100% recycled containerboard mill in Utah, USA