Fabio Perini and Casmatic make eco-friendly tissue products packaging conversion possible

From plastic to paper and bioplastics: Fabio Perini and Casmatic make eco-friendly tissue products packaging conversion possible

Replace plastic packaging with a new eco-friendly, combined paper and bio-plastic material on Casmatic packaging machines.

Plastics are the most used materials in the world of packaging, but they need to be limited in light of recent restrictions of the European Commission concerning disposable products. In response, Fabio Perini has developed a "green" primary and secondary packaging solution that can easily adapt to current systems and existing equipment. This provides cost efficiencies for Fabio Perini customers and helps them actively contribute to safeguarding the environment while keeping up with technology and productivity.

To accomplish this, Fabio Perini had to identify the most suitable alternative to plastic for primary packaging. This material had to be not only eco-sustainable, recyclable and/or compostable, but also as versatile as the polyethylene in terms of abundant availability, product protection, packaging options, printability, and resistance to production-related mechanical stress.

Fabio Perini and a partner company conducted numerous materials tests on the latest generation packaging machines such as the CMW1000 and Carbon T, and ultimately developed an innovative, totally ecological material that combines paper and bioplastic to form properties that can be interchanged with normal polyethylene.

The new Paper Packaging Solution addresses the facts that paper alone is not strong enough and water-repellent for primary packaging and that bioplastic alone is not economically viable for use on an industrial scale. Paper Packaging Solution is a paper coupled with Mater-Bi, a totally ecological bioplastic having the same properties as plastic polymers, but with the added benefits of being recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Two different types of Paper Packaging Solution products are available: a low-weight paper, 25 gm2, and a thicker paper, 40 gm2. Both are FSC-certified and are laminated or extruded with bioplastics with thicknesses ranging from 7 to 9 microns to ensure high pack weldability and an excellent product hygroscopic barrier.

Further, Paper Packaging Solution products are available in virgin paper or recycled paper. The 100% biodegradable virgin paper is certified "Vinicotte OK compost," which has the fibers closely joined to accommodate the higher heat needed for bioplastic fusion and perfect packaging seals, as well as being more resistant. The 100% recyclable and compostable paper has looser fibers. The heat passes through it more easily to create package seals, but the looser fibers affect its resistance.

Paper Packaging Solution products are fully compatible with Casmatic's latest generation packaging machines — such as Casmatic A6T, CMW1000 and the new Carbon T —  thanks to the "bio-pack kit." This innovative device makes it is possible to select the desired type of packaging material from the control panel and the Casmatic packaging machine automatically sets various parameters, including heat and time, required to perfectly seal the packages according to the packaging composition.


Fabio Perini and Casmatic make eco-friendly tissue products packaging conversion possible